Facebook timeline photos #FB (via www.allfacebook.com)

Photo-sharing platform 1000memories announced that it integrated Facebook’s new timeline profile into its ShoeBox iPhone application, allowing users to scan paper photos and import them directly into their timelines.
Photos scanned via free app ShoeBox, as well as those stored on 1000memories, can now be added to users’ timelines, along with the appropriate dates.

Facebook: ShoeBox iPhone App


ShoeBox’s scanning technology also allows users to auto-detect the edges of photos and crop them, adjusting for parallax.
They can add information about the photos to 1000memories, and tag them for Facebook. Users can also see photos scanned by their Facebook friends and iPhone contacts who are also using the app and 1000memories.
And 1000memories Co-Founder Rudy Adler said:
It’s easy to forget that Facebook is only seven years old, which means that most of our photos and memories are not online yet. The introduction of Facebook timeline has made clear the huge gaps in our life stories — most obviously from our birth dates to the invention of Facebook in 2004.
We built ShoeBox to finally get these photos from our past out of the closet and online, where they can be enjoyed by everyone.
Our take: With Facebook users scrambling to populate their timelines, timeline integration with ShoeBox could be a handy tool, especially for those without scanners.
Readers: Will you add pre-Facebook photos to your timelines?

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